Gov 1005, Fall 2018

Kemi Akenzua: Analysis of death row executions in Texas with an emphasis on sentiment analysis

Ghada Amer: Mapping of global armed conflict post-Cold War

Ryan Michael Antonellis: Analysis of the most highly represented colleges in the NFL draft over the past 10 years.

Esteban Arellano: Analysis of levels of upward economic mobility achieved by race and gender per county.

John Ball: Analysis of rates of mental illness among comedians.

Rana Chandra Bansal: Analysis of Indian exports between 2014 and 2017.

Katherine Elizabeth Binney: Analyzing Massachusetts public school quality.

Charlie Chatman Booker: Analyzing apartment complex data in the city of Houston

Enxhi Buxheli: Russian tweets and their effect on the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Michael Calabro: Analysis of Batting and Pitching data in the MLB in relation to a drastic rise in strikeouts

Cayanne Chachati: Analysis of the deaths over the course of the Syrian Civil War

Maddie Chai: Analysis of the decline in American marriage from 1960-2012.

Holly Jaime Christensen: Analysis of NYC rental unit data in Manhattan – looking at # of units, median asking price, and housing violations

Oliver E Cordeiro: Analysis of strokes gained data from the PGA Tour in 2018

Sofía Corzo: Making a clear descriptive interface to generate data on post-conflict transitional justice mechanisms from 1946-2006.

Cunhonghu Ding: Which college in the United States offers you the best chance to climb the ladder?

Donovan Mac Doyle: I look at NFL gambling data from 1979-2017

Robert Drysdale: I project Gordan Hayward’s statistics if he wasn’t injured in 2017

Annika Engstrom: Analysis of social liberalism across US demographics, with a focus on gay rights issues.

Steven Espinoza: Looking at data concerning sanitary violations near Harvard Square

Grant Fairbairn: Analysis of Tiger Woods PGA Tour data for 2018 season

Maclaine Fields: Analysis of Harvard Women’s Volleyball 2018 Season

Charles Elliot Flood: Do Bilateral FTAs actually help boost trade?

Claire Fridkin: Nicolas Cage movie analysis and sentiment analysis

Melissa Gayton: Analysis of intake interview data for Access to Justice Lab’s Divorce Study

Peter George: Visualization of strokes gained by player per round across several 2018 PGA Tour tournaments

Hannah Elizabeth Hardenbergh: How often do artworks move at the Harvard Art Museum?

Matti Harrison: Analysis of population and it’s affect on home prices in LA and CT

Stone Alexander Nicholas Hart: Analysis of Pokemon statistics spread over generations

Hannah Ella Hess: What is the Impact of Ramadan on Pornography Consumption?

Claire Hotchkin: Analyzing Boston Marathon race times

Sean Hughes: Why are children’s chance of earning more than their parents falling?

Justin Hunter: Recent Trends in Building Permits in Detroit

Tauheed Islam: Hip-Hop and Rap References of the 2016 Presidential Candidates

Sonya Kalara: Analysis of Hate Crimes in New York State from 2010 - 2016 by county, year, and crime type.

Shriank Kanaparti: Housing Price analysis

Saiyaz Kazi: Tracking of Immigrant Voting Preferences in the 2016 General Election

Sara Marie Kvaska: What Influences Public Transportation Coverage?

Alex LaPolice: Julian Edelman

Molly Kathryn Leavens: I built tools to break down and visualize data from a survey of Ghanian Cacao farmers

Jack Luby: Visualizing the effects of and compliance with the 2014 Gulf of Panama IMO TSS Regulations

Miranda Lupion: Visualizing crime data for Russia’s federal subjects (administrative entities) from 1990 to 2010

Keeley Rose Macafee: Is the U.S. facing a food revolution?

Sofia Marie Mascia: Bridging the Gap: An analysis of Income, Violence and Drug use in a socio-economically divided Illinois

Ethan Robert McCollister: Visual Exploration of Trends in Pitch Data from 2012 to 2018.

Robert McKenzie: NYC Taxi Pickup and Dropoff VIsualization

Michael Montella: US-China Trade

Junho Moon: Looking at key military data of different countries over time

Kodi Obika: Analyzing Ariana Grande’s songs, albums, and lyrics via song length, lexical density, and word frequency/significance

Charlie Olmert: Visualization of the Harvard Men’s Lacrosse team’s shots from the 2018 season with heat maps and filters for shot clock satisfaction.

Annabelle Paterson: New Zealand Wine Exploration: Growth of the New Zealand wine industry.

John Pirrmann: Eli Manning

Kai Potter: Sephora Skincare Bestsellers Explorer: Making smarter, more informed purchases

Richard Qiu: Visualization of effects of Medicaid expansion on immunization rates

Noah Reimers: Analyzing NFL Player Ratings and Draft data between 2008 and 2012

Tanya Rohatgi: Excavating racial basis in false convictions, and the role of Conviction Integrity Units in overturning them, using exoneration data from 1989 to present.

Teresa Noelle Rokos: Analyzing services, patients, and expenditures at emergency rooms

Allie Russell: Analysis of offensive production in the 2017-18 NHL season

Richard Ryan: This project takes data from Fandango via FiveThirtyEight and compares movie ratings from various popular sites. You can look at the correlation between scores among these sites.

Connor Sakmar: Visualizing trends in death totals and rates from the US leading causes of death

Jack Schroeder: Visualizing the San Diego Padres’ Batter Data by Venue

Dillon Smith: Measures of Winter Olympic success are more strongly positively correlated with voter turnout rates than measures of Summer Olympic success.

Serhiy Sokhan: Analyzing The Harvard Shop’s Web Fulfillment Data

Sydney Alexandra Steel: Gender Employment Patterns

Jordan Topoleski: What makes a top hit on the Billboard charts?

Meaghan Townsend: How do non-school factors influence literacy and social development outcomes for preschoolers?

Max George Vumbaca: A look at demographic shifts and trends in Cambridge’s homeless community across time, compared to other cities, and according to living situation

Gabriel Walker: A tool for exploring trends in Chinese elite diplomacy and overseas financial flows.

Max Weiss: Presidential and Senate Twitter Activity: Trump’s First 9 Months in Office