Spring semester 2021, I will teach Gov 1005: Big Data.

This course has no prerequisites. It is designed for students who have never programmed nor taken a statistics class. The main difference this semester will be a bigger focus on working with large data sets. Students who have some background, including those who have taken a previous course with me, are also welcome. The focus on big data means that much of the material will be new to them.

See “Kill The Math and Let the Introductory Course Be Born” for more details on my teaching philosophy.

During the Fall, I offered Gov 50: Data. During the spring of 2020, I also taught Gov 1006: Models.

Gov 50/1005 has no prerequisites. Think of it as Data Science for Everyone. No course at Harvard does a better job of increasing your odds of achieving the future — the internship, job, graduate school, career — that you want. Full student evaluations for Fall 2018 (numeric and written), Spring 2019 (numeric and written), Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. Summary: Course Overall (4.6), Instructor Overall (4.7). These are among the highest Q scores for any lecture course at Harvard. But, before you sign up in a rush, note that the workload is approximately 8 hours per week. All students complete a final project.

Gov 1006 has Gov 50/1005, or the equivalent, as a prerequisite. Think of it as Data Science for Government. Full student evaluations for Spring 2019 (numeric and written) and Spring 2020. Summary: Course Overall (4.6), Instructor Overall (4.9).

Feel free to contact me with questions!

David Kane
Preceptor in Statistical Methods and Mathematics
Department of Government
Harvard University