Take a Gov 92r with Me

The Government Department offers Gov 92r, an independent study course in which a student works closely with a faculty member. I am happy to have students do a 92r with me. You do not have to be a Government concentrator to do so.

My current 92r description:

Tools for Data Science Education I teach two courses: Gov 1005: Data and Gov 1006: Models. Together, they will enroll hundreds of students in 2019-2020. The purpose of this project is to create tools and resources — using R, Git, GitHub, and DataCamp — which make these courses more effective.


  • The syllabus for Gov 1005 is fairly different this year, with many more statistical topics. What I really need is to turn all these resources into a free open-source textbook. Want to write it with me?

  • I am also willing to consider a Gov 92r which focuses on a research topic, culminating in an article co-authored with the student. For example, I think that the politics associated with creating mortality estimates for Hurricane Maria are fascinating. Creating an R package with relevant information and writing an article for a general interest publication would make for a good 92r.

  • I am interested in everything having to do with elite education (pdf), especially at places like Harvard. Looking closely at the data associated with housing choices or course enrollments might make for an interesting project.

  • I occasionally work on technical projects, generally connected to my previous career in quantitative finance, like this and this. Students with a technical background might be interested in them.

  • Our work will follow a weekly rhythm. Each Wednesday we will meet for an hour. We will create a list of items for you to work on that week. You will e-mail me the list, and your associated notes that evening. On the following Tuesday, you will e-mail me that same list, along with notes about what you have accomplished and what you have not. We will review your progress at our weekly meeting, and then repeat the cycle.

Feel free to contact me with questions.

David Kane
Preceptor in Statistical Methods and Mathematics
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