Computer Problems

This post covers the steps you should take if you are a student having computer problems in one of my classes.

First, post the problem on Piazza, with details and screenshots. With luck, a fellow student will be able to solve it. (And students who help their peers with technical issues are guaranteed full participation points for grading purposes.) Second, if I and/or the TFs can’t solve it, we will direct you toward the IQSS IT Client Support Services, located in the basement of CGIS Knafel. They are excellent! E-mail them with the details of your problem, mentioning your enrollment in this class, at . Provide them with a link to your Piazza post. Although I and the teaching fellows want to be helpful, we are not experts in troubleshooting computer problems. Third, once your problem is solved, tell us all the solution by responding to your own post on Piazza.

One common problem is students using 32-bit versions of Mac and Windows. See here for advice about how to get older versions of RStudio.

David Kane
Data Scientist
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